SubsiDance... Big respect to all the came...


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Massive respect to all that came down to SubsiDance on the 31st October.... Was a really good night and had a proper good laugh.
After the success of the launch party. We will be moving to a new bigger and better club. There are several on the books at the moment. SE1, 333 (shoreditch), 93 Feet East and maybe Herbal.... Wont be till January now... but keep your eyes peeled and on the lookout...

Big shout to Snowgirl, Anile!!

Also massive respect to Bad Ace... played a sick set bro!!

Anyway.... once again... massive respect to all the came... and all the artists who played..... was a wkd night and the first of many to come from the SubsiDance family....


Not the Preacher Man
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will definatly be at the next one mang. nothing gettin in the way of it this time round!