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Fyi, "What's the single most important thing fo (should be for) a mastering engineer...."

My answer to that question btw is "Ensuring solid overall volume without killing my dynamics."

And for $30... if the Master is good, then there's nothing wrong with that price.

The reason I wouldn't pay anyone to master my material is because, "I use Ozone 3 and do my own Limits and they sound fine on everything I reference my songs on."

I originally had a couple tracks mastered back in '05... then got interested in figuring out what needed to be done for that process and after learning that I really don't like someone EQing my work, and doing Multi-Band Comp on my hard earned mixed down track, I decided it was time to learn how to do my own Masters.

After learning that doing a simple Limit on a splendid mixdown is all that's needed to satisfy my ears, I decided I'd do it myself for life.

If you can do it for $30 and make a profit for your time, then I don't see why anyone would have an issue with that. If you're having to try to make a poor mix sound good, then $30 wouldn't suffice for your time imo (I wouldn't even mess with that kind of work but that's me), but if someone is sending you a fantastic mixdown and all you have to do is roll off 30hz and below and Limit, then yeah, $30 sounds like grand theft money.

g/l with your business


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best of luck mate, i'm sure there's plenty of people on here who will try the "free master".

most important thing?