Submorphics Dnbforum winter Guest Mix 2011


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Nov 28, 2007
Ez all, Chicago based Producer/DJ Submorphics has kindly done a mix for us at dnbforum.

A deep selection with some exclusive dubs (y)


1. Submorphics ft. Selfsays- Step in the Spot (Westbay)
2. Random Movement & Jaybee- Lost in Laguardia (Dub)
3. Roy Green and Protone- illusion (Digital Blus dub)
4. Calibre & High Contrast- Mr Majestic (Signature)
5. Submorphics- Belgrade Nights (TBA)
6. Triad- Out of Scale (X-Tinction Agenda Dub)
7. Switch- Lightworks (Nu Directions dub)
8. Peixe Kru- Feel it (Digital Blus dub)
9. Eveson- Make Luv 2 Night (Dub)
10. Mutt vs Insiders- Biutiful (Liquid V dub)
11. Calibre ft. Crow- Kiya (Signature)
12. Dans- Living for Myself (Digital Blus dub)
13. NotioN- Hurtful Solace (Zyon Base Remix) (CX Dub)
14. Triad- Fiasco VIP (Deep Soul Music Dub)
15. Atlantic Connection ft. Kevin King- Backlog (Submorphics Remix) [Westbay]

You can follow Submorphics on Soundcloud and Facebook

And make sure to check out Westbay's latest compilation featuring 5 tracks from Submorphics, Available December 20th.


"Looking Back 2 Look Forward" hits iTunes, Beatport ect, December 20th

1. Atlantic Connection - Watchu' Know featuring Deviant
2. Spectrasoul - Someday Soon
3. Armanni Reign - Follow Me Now featuring Noah D
4. Atlantic Connection - Can't Destroy Love featuring Minds One & DJ Noumenon
5. Submorphics - Wax Poetic (Stunna Remix)
6. Flaco - Untouchables
7. Armanni Reign - Breatheback (produced by Submorphics)
8. Brooklyn - Lightyears (Submorphics Remix)
9. Shannon Swain - You Are (Chino Remix)
10. Armanni Riegn - Redux (produced by Trowa)
11. Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance - Strike Back
12. Submorphics - Postmodern Soul (Stunna Remix)
13. McClain Sullivan - Our Song (produced by Atlantic Connection)
14. Christina Tamayo - Time 2 Stray (produced by Submorphics)
15. Atlantic Connection - Day Dreamers featuring McClain Sullivan
16. Random Movement - The Student
17. Submorphics - Wax Poetic (original mix)
18. Atlantic Connection - Backlog featuring Kevin King (Submorphics Remix)

Enjoy! :thumbsup:
ho ho holy crap how did i miss this. Submorphics have got a wicked style, on this
The soundcloud d/l link has been down last couple of days, sorted it just incase anyone missed out, thanks for the feedback guys
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