Submit your tunes and mixes to

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    Submit your tunes and mixes to

    Introducing DnB, a daily podcast of independent drum and bass tunes and mixes.
    presented by N.Sputnik

    submit your mixes and tune links (you host the files, do not send mp3s):

    Keep it limited to _new_ tunes and mixes. There will be a limited amount of verification to make sure the tunes and mixes are yours.

    djs: include a track listing, your location, and affiliation
    producers: include your location and affiliation

    -DJs and producers no longer need to post their mixes to every forum to get their mix and tunes heard.
    -Fans will no longer need to be expert trainspotters to know good dnb, or remember to download internet radio archives, or scour all the forums. It is all automatic.

    To listen, plug these feeds (copy and paste the address) into your podcatcher software (such as iTunes 4.9 in the Advanced>Subscribe to Podcast… menu):

    Let as many DJs and producers who want their music be distributed to as many dnb fans as possible know about Let all dnb fans who want to hear all the newest mixes and tunes, but do not have time to go searching the net for them.

    What is a podcast?
    A podcast is a combination of the word “iPod” (Apple’s portable music player, in case you have been living under a rock) and broadcast (a radio transmission). The concept of podcasting is to receive audio programs (music, talk, etc) automatically by “subscribing” to a “show.” Shows are produced on a regular basis. Apple’s iTunes software checks for a new show each time you open it, and when a new show is found, the audio program is then automatically sent to your portable music device the next time you connect it to your computer. This allows you, the listener, to take in content that is relevant to their interests, and to listen to it wherever and whenever they want. There are currently around 10,000 podcasts being produced worldwide on almost any topic imaginable, and the number keeps growing. Apple’s iTunes software, currently installed on over six million computers worldwide (and counting), has a built-in podcast directory, allowing users to quickly and easily find and download content they are interested in. The iTunes software and the downloading of podcasts are both free. The organizations that produce the audio programs are called “podcasters.”

    What is a feed?
    A feed is a web address that you add to your “podcatcher” software. This software checks the feed each time you open your podcatcher to see if there is a new show. You copy and past the feed address to your “podcatcher” software, such as iTunes (4.9 or later), Juice, and iPodderX.

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    Yeah this is huge! Glad someone has taken the initiative!

    Get on the l33ch, u wont be disappointed :)
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    sweet can we aim tracks over?