SUBMERGED - Violence As First Nature 2xCD OUT NOW!!!


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SUBMERGED - Violence As First Nature 2xCD OUT NOW!!!


As the outspoken leader of the boundary re-defining Ohm Resistance and Obliterati
camps, Submerged has forged a 10 year path from DC to NYC and five
continents worldwide of drum n bass ascension. Beginning with metal and
punk roots and accelerating tempos, break edits, and grooves, Submerged
has formed the core of the movement. His first album "Stars, Lights, The
End" continued on the path presented while working with associates Bill
Laswell, Toshinori Kondo, and others. This second album chronicles his
rise within drum n bass – from singles with Corrupt Souls' Impulse, to
work with and remixes by seminal artists such as Scorn and Technical Itch,
alongside 3 brand new tracks – once again re-characterizing the hard sound
of drum n bass.

The lead off track Consciousness, is an exploration of the universe from big bang until man
in 8 words: Matter, Expansion, Atoms, Compounds, Cells, Organisms,Evolution, Consciousness.
It is followed by two more brand new finely tuned explosions, and then dives deep into the vinyl sides
by Submerged – from "Servant" to "Dirty Bomb" and "i love you but i chose darkness" and
many more.

The mix is history, present, and future all in one in the Ohm Resistance
and Obliterati camps. Containing unreleased pieces from Submerged himself,
Breaker, Silent Killer, Temulent, Counterstrike, Current Value and
others, the mix goes over the top in presentation, demonstrating the
similarities between Drum n Bass and Isis, or Boris, or even Napalm Death.

Here are samples from the new tracks, and a 5 min portion of the mix to
catch a buzz from – come back for more when the 2xCD drops on November
17th, 2008! Beautiful original artwork from Khoma on the interior.

- Consciousness [ ]
- A Bad Time For the Empire [ ]
- Homicide Bomber [ ]
- Servant
- Corrupt Souls (with Impulse)
- Doctored Intelligence [Version] (with Bill Laswell)
- Dirty Bomb (with Impulse)
- Dirty Bomb [Scorn Remix]
- Lady of Pain
- 28 Days... (with Flea)
- Servant [Technical Itch Remix]
- I love you but i chose darkness

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