Subject Mater "On Line / Dig This" (Hard Leaders 5


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Mar 4, 2002
Kickin' Records are coming correct with this nice little 1992 revival record.

Subject Mater "On Line / Dig This" (Hard Leaders 59)

The big tune here is "On Line". Its a nice smooth number with those classic "I know I'm rushing" chipmonk samples. Its simmilar to the big TS tune from last fall called "Gravy Girls". It uses simmilar keyboard sounds as that cut as well as a simmilar vibe only here the bass featured is a bit distorted (shame). The other tune on here "Dig This" seems to call back to the Young Head records released on Reinforced in 1992. Its got some nice shuffling beats as well as the main hook being one of younghead fame. The problem here is the tune goes NOWHERE! Its virtually just a loop like a jeff mills record. Total Science could have blew my mind with these sexy Younghead keys but instead they bored me to death with this. At least the other cut "On Line" is a choon.

I rate this record: 7/10
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