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Discussion in 'Drum & Bass' started by Miodragz, Aug 28, 2007.

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    Hello, I started to listen DnB several months ago and from what I have heard so far I found that I moustly like one specific pattern in DnB music. After searching info about DnB genres I found huge number of subgenres and found that it would be a long run to find which one is the one I prefer. So I got this idea to make this post and ask experts :)

    Its very hard to describe by words what exactly I do like in DnB so I will make a list of songs that I find great.

    Optical, Ed Rush, Matrix - Flight to Nashville
    Optical, Ed Rush, Matrix - Perfect Drug
    Pendulum - Slam and meny more of Pendulum - to be specific "Hold yours color" album

    Any ideas what specific genre is what I search for?

    I dont expect to hit jackpot imidietly so similar artists sets recommendations are welcome, thanks.
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    Ah, you know I'm so JEALOUS of you - I remember when I was first exploring the subgenres of D&B, and when I'd come across a new artist who I really liked, there's nothing quite like that feeling of revelation :D

    Ed Rush & Optical, Matrix... They're your cut and dried techstep / neurofunk ('neuro') artists imo. They've made some classic tunes.

    Also see:

    Konflict (now gone their separate ways, was Kemal and someone else, can't remember who)

    Konflict - Messiah, CLASSIC
    Messiah was recently remixed by both Spor (another great artist) and Noisia. Noisia are a Dutch trio who make some of the dirtiest dancefloor-friendly neuro/tech around today, check em out.

    You'll like Spor... Check out his latest EP on Lifted (LIFTEDEP002 I think it is) - 103 Degrees makes me do the mad shuffle every time.

    If you like older and newer Pendulum, you'll like most decent dancefloor music. You might like some of the jumpup too, but that borders on clownstep (simplistic bass-lines and chunky drums, dancefloor-friendly but are a bit lame to listen to at home and many people rip the genre apart because it's... Well, it's totally cheesy).

    Prime example of jumpup: anything by Clipz or Hazard or Generation Dub or Double Zero (Generation Dub under alias) or Jaydan...

    The best way you'll find artists you like it is to scour the record shop sites, they all have clips (lol, I wrote 'clipz') of the tracks and full info to go with. Maybe you can find some more artists you like on there :D

    Sites to check: (could be .com, try both or Google it)

    I buy pretty much all of my vinyl from those four shops, Intense, Redeye and Kaizen have a nice selection of dubstep too if you're into that kinda thing.

    Others: (Chemical Records) (BM Soho, formerly Blackmarket Records) (IMO Records)

    Check out some classic Bad Company... Book Of The Bad Vol. 2... I did a BC Mix in fact which is almost entirely made up from tracks from Book of the Bad vol. 2, that's how much I love that album :D think the link's in my sig if you're curious.

    Have fun go mad! There's also tons of mixes and stuff on forums (forae?) like this,,, plus there's a lovely site called which spiders loads of various D&B sites and grabs all the links to mixes. Very cool place if you have time and want to expand your musical horizons...

    Another key site for the trainspotters:, probably the most comprehensive D&B listings archive anywhere. No audio (yet), but an INCREDIBLY comprehensive catalogue of past and present D&B releases.

    On your marks... get set... go!