Subfocus - X-Ray/Scarecrow

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Jungle Hunter
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You just knew it was coming from sharp releases across Infrared and Ram's sister label Frequency, Subfocus now gets his chance to rub shoulders with the big boys as he makes his first solo release on the Ram imprint.
Instant uplifting filters are masked around the disco style bass, while the build ozees influences of Hatrias & J-Magik's 'Spaced Invader', you know it's gonna get funky when the sine wave aquatic FX begins to morph into the deadley silent break. The bass builds, the drums sway, the snares snap, & the anticipation grows until..........................Go!!! The vocal drop signals dancefloor mayhem for anyone inside of the venue, this is a monster devouring peak time ravers in one swift gulp. The bass throbs beautifully in time to the shiny amen break which cunningly disguises itself behind the memorable squelch melody, the first amen break chops furiously until it's stripped down to it's bare minimum then wound straight into the second assault.
A dominant cymbal pattern drives all percussion forward & the intensity is never ending as the acidic melody is given a rest only to be replaced by sonic fuelled FX which melt astonishly across the drums, & into the second breakdown.
A calm liquid synth decreases the stress levels & drifts unknowingly into the slip stream of the disco builds & siren FX, yep you guessed it straight back into this genius production.

Imagine Pendulums 'Another Planet' had a younger brother, well this is it. Driving dancefloor smasher are the only words I can find to sum up 'X-Ray', this is going to be massive & if you haven't already heard it then I suggest you get to your local d&b night fast!!

Overall: 9/10

Thoughtful melodies ride the streets late at night looking for some street racing action, techno pistons & punchy drums represent the engine, while end of bar 303 melodies begin to push this well tuned engine a little harder. Soon the race is on & the quick rise FX gear change pushes 'Scarecrow' to the front of the illegal street race grid & the rolling start begins, more traditonal 'Ram' bass sounds entice Subfocus to put his foot to the floor in 5.....4.....3......2......1.....the flags down & the lights are green.
Every man for himself in this competition of the fittest, winding 303 roads & raised drum roll hills make the first challenge, then with a quick look in the bass lines rear view mirror a new racer has stepped up the gas & is pushing the 'Deadline' melody as fast & hard as he can behind Subfocus's 160mph racer. Constant battles begin edging each other closer & closer to the finish but first they head into the long tunnel, a moments silence occurs then out shoot the two determined racers, neck & neck for the line.

A great B-side to accompany 'X-Ray' it has all the ingredients to be another big release but I think the A-side is going to overshadow this somehow.
People have said Ram have fallen of the wagon recently but I believe Mr C may have found his Neo, listening to Subfocus's productions he wouldn't go amiss on anything around the 1999-2000 era of Ram (think Molten Beats , Titan EP, Atlantis EP & you'll know where I'm heading) & when was that ever a bad time for them.

Look out world their back bigger than ever!!

Overall: 7/10