Subfocus Essential Mix

Greg P

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yeah didnt think the mixing was overly good though for an essential mix
Yeah it wasn't the best set I've ever heard from them - there's a couple of real obvious clangers in there, one of which must be one of the worst I've ever heard... And they seemed to lose interest after the dubstep section, almost like they were just filling time until the 2 hours is up...

And it's not interestingly mixed - there's a section in the middle where it's better, but for the most part it's pretty formulaic mixing...

I get the feeling C&S put a lot of effort into planning what their mixes are going to be like as sometimes they're great, but that's when they've got only an hour to fill and they know about it well in advance... This they got at short notice, and it's a whole 2 hours so not surprising it's not their best...

Still very enjoyable though, some great tunes going down, and for the most part the mixing is OK, definately worth a listen....