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    Subliminal Cuts March 2010 News letter.

    Big up to all the Kru's, from The Subcuts family!

    We have NU mixes FREE to download, NU exclusive music from
    our Artists, NU artists, NU art work from our graffers,
    NU hip hop & Dubstep sections, NU comment button,
    and a whole new look for 2010.

    Lets hope this year is gonna be a big one!

    First up;

    Solution sound & Mic Mission, (Enlightned Mindz) Have been
    working hard on some cutting edge U.K Hip Hop. They have
    created an album of urban, funky, futuristic, flava's
    alongside deep lyrical content.

    "Resilience", "We did it again", " Memories", "Trust",
    "Infinite rhymes" are all forthcoming exclusive tracks.
    You can find these tracks in our new dedicated hip hop
    section, on the Subcuts homepage. Make sure you have a
    listen, be the first to experience da sounds of

    Dj V Comes with a new tear out DnB track. "FLASHBACK" is a
    jump up/darkside jungle roller. This tune see's dj V
    bringing some oldskool stabs alongside some nu skool beats
    and sound fx's. Check this one out, Da Future Sounds of
    Dj"Drum'n'Bass" V.

    Now, finally, we have a new Dubstep artist."HarrydaBarstard"
    brings you four phat, Dubstep tracks. "Warmonger", "Profit",
    "Dandruff" & Pay Attention are all exclusive tunes that
    are available now for a listen on da subcuts homepage.
    Do not miss this fresh raw talent.


    Dj V has a new mix featuring the latest tracks from artists
    such as: Culture Shock, Serum, Logistics, Jayden, M.I.S.T,
    Spectrasoul, Noisia, Serial Killaz,Xample, Top Cat,
    Technicolour and Many more. Check the mixes from this Bad
    Bwoy selector!FREE to download on the subcuts homepage.
    ( Cross da board DnB Flava's )

    Q.S.T Drops another bombshell mix for ya ears. His mix
    features tracks from artists such as: Heist, Total Science,
    Jonny L, Lomax, Commix, Redeyes and many more.
    Top notch Mixing from da Q.S.T, and brilliantly put together.
    Make sure you have a listen to rude bwoy sounds of the Q.S.T.
    (aka Dj Quest, est. 1994 - Dream Mag mix comp winner!) -
    (Not the breakbeat quest.) and get downloading. ( Free )
    ( Cross da board DnB Flava's )

    Audio Evilution comes with the dark side flava of D'n'B. The
    sounds in this set are so dark,even Lord Vader would be
    nodding his head to it. If ur into Tech Itch, Renegade
    Hardware, Freak Recs,Then this is the set for you. Make
    sure you check it out.
    ( Darkside Industrial DnB )

    All this is free to download and You can also sign up to our
    podcast and get the latest mix downloaded automatically.
    (Podcast system coming soon)

    There is also new urban arts (Graff) from da BAPSTA. Rave
    photography from leading rave photographer,Tristan O'Neil
    and some random pics from events we have visited.

    Also, there is music and mixes from artists such as:
    Pleasure, Origin, Dj Juicy & Dj Viper, (SubShock Kru)
    and many more.

    Make sure you have a listen and look, if possible, give us
    some feedback in the comment box section.

    Nice one!

    We hope you enjoy the sounds and visuals.


    DJ drum'n'bass V & Solutionsound - Subcuts management

    Thanks for all your support and love, spread the word!