Drum & Bass Sub Zero ‘Bi Polar EP’ – Coming 27.02.2012

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    Sub Zero Bi Polar E.P. cat number:pLAYAZ022 Release date 27/2/2012

    Test press copes of the new Bi Polar EP by Sub Zero are now in the www.realplayaz.co.uk website

    The 2 disc E.P. consists of 4 tracks taken from the 7 track E.P. forthcoming on Playaz towards the end of the month.
    Playaz are starting the New Year with the best that Drum and Bass can offer by bringing you the long awaited Bi Polar EP from Playaz veteran Sub Zero. Stepping outside musical boundaries and shattering any illusions that his production style is nothing more than ferocious jump up, Sub Zero’s creativity has grown and developed within the Bi Polar EP highlighting his envious skills at producing timeless Drum and Bass.

    Each of the six tracks takes you on a journey through the spectrum of D&B, displaying varying styles from calm and collected liquid to his trade mark rolling beats which have received critical acclaim from those DJs who were lucky enough to get their hands on exclusive copies.
    The powerful Why Can’t You See, a collaboration with up and coming producer Supreme Being and featuring the vocal delights of Grimm, captivates the listener with the opening dramatic milieu before launching full throttle into a vocal laden dance floor smasher. Protection and Broken Me both demonstrate a hauntingly beautiful style of production, stripped back to a smooth rolling beat and infusing passionate vocals.

    Your Flex and Run N Hide revert back to Sub Zero’s signature bouncy kick beat making them certified club classics from the outset. These dark and animated rollers add a lively tempo to the Bi Polar EP and complete the musical antithesis. The Jungle inspired Clash only further adds to the juxtaposition of heavy and liquid Drum and Bass which makes it exactly that: the Bi Polar EP.

    Tracks on the test press EP are:
    A.Why can't you see featuring Supremebeing(Animate) and mc Grimm
    C.Your Flex
    D.Broken me ft Mc Grimm

    Full release is 27/2/12 and will be available as a 2 disc four track
    vinyl release and 7 track digital. tracks are:
    A. Why can't you see ft Supremebeing (Animate) and Mc Grimm
    B. Protection
    C.Your Flex
    D.Broken Me ft Mc Grimm
    E.Run N Hide
    G. Poon Vip (This will be a free download with the E.P.)

    Get your copes from this link quick as there are limited copes:


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    protection is such a chooooon