Sub:Stance- Consider/Maniac E.P out now!!!


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We at Extent Recordings are proud to announce the launch from Sub:Stance entitled 'Consider/Maniac E.P' which is dropping waves today on all good digital retailers online!

Sub:Stance aka Ali Davenport who hails from Cardiff/ U.K has been on the Drum n' Bass curcuit for some time now, having releases on Digilab, Blackreign ltd and Extent Recordings aswell as representing the label at club nights supporting the likes of Break, Alix Perez, Icicle, Roni Size, High Contrast, Logistics, Commix, D-Bridge, Phace, Spor, C4C, NuTone, Survival and many more! Sub:Stance also covers DJ & production duties for a 4 man crew called Somethingmethod who have recently supported The Four Owls and earlier this year Talib Kweli, and they also have an E.P coming this year!

Track 1- Consider.

This track means big, big business! It's gritty, nasty and downright spooky!
The beats are very original and complexed, they compliment the heavy bass drops very well creating a full on master piece of dark DnB funk that will tear up any dancefloor around the globe! Complimented with the dark vocal that enters just before the main drop, this is bound to make many DnB listener pull the biggest bass face imaginable!
Track 2- Maniac.

This fine piece of original underground DnB delivers a powerful punch indeed as Sub:Stance takes you on the ride of your life! Maniac has very heavy drum programming and earie cinematic atmospheres that will already entice you into listening to more! Sub:Stance maintains his delivery in the main drop delivering one psychotic piece of naughty, militant Drum n Bass.

You can find these incredible tracks on all good digital retailers online, here are a few links to get you started!

Track it down and Digital Tunes are also supporting this E.P which is great news! In Track it down's own words:

"Featured Track:
No nonsense heavy artillery that'll be a dream to mix, especially if you love to rip up the crossfader like we do! "

Last but not least, we would like to thank Sub:Stance for his productions, there will be more to come in the future and most of all we would like to pass back some love to everyone supporting the label, fans, radio stations, club promoters and producers following the label!

One Love!

The Extent Recordings Group!