Sub:side Podcast 002: Alexander (Organic)


May 1, 2010
Episode 002 of the Sub:side Podcast is now online hosted by Organic ( head honcho Alexander. A deep 40 minute journey through a selection of brand new music including some exclusive cuts from the forthcoming Organic and Offshore label collaboration project.


Mode- I Grew Up On It (Dub)
Mode- Tears in Rain (Dub)
Indigo- Terra (Dub)
Indigo- Astral (Offshore/Organic Dub)
Beastie Respond- Vykel 1 (Dub)
Rafael Anton Irisarri- Flowstone (Air Textures)
Consequence- Organic Live Jam (Non Release)
Fracture & Neptune- Ups and Downs VIP (Offshore/Organic Dub)
Graphic feat. Beans- I Am Metal (Compound One Remix) (Offshore/Organic Dub)

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