Drum & Bass Sub Led Alibi's DnB Mix Vol 1!

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    Nov 5, 2013
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    Thought id post a link to a quick mix I did a while back but have only just recently uploaded!
    This is RAW and UNEDITED entirely (So expect mistakes :) ), ive just normalized the levels to compensate for a low headroom ive set in Traktor.

    Hope you guys like it, would LOVE comments about transitions that worked/didnt work, pacing/vibe etc and overall general feedback!


    Hydro & Halogenix - Disillusioned
    Estereo & Marlyn - This is where it all ends
    Hydro & Halogenix - Trieste
    Skeptical - Blue eyes
    Icicle & SP:MC - Dreadnaught
    Audio Habitat - Extraction point
    Audio habitat - Soundscape
    Skeptical & MC Fokus - Fluctuate
    Breakage - Clarendon
    Limewax - He will find us
    Maztek - Galactica
    Noisia & Spor - Falling through
    Effect - Love affair VIP
    Noisia & Foreign Beggars - Soul purge