Sub Focus & Danny Wheeler - Ghost

DJ Lordward

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Mar 11, 2004
Kent, England
like the build up on dis 1- sumfin difrent! definitely infrared style. good tune bt not very difrent in terms of style (soundz like nosher rmx)

Aug 14, 2003
phat beats on this one.
i agree that the bassline style may be a little rinsed out too much, but its still a phat tune.


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Jun 30, 2002
:sleep: :sleep:

the last bit i really liked from the infrared kru was share the blame and that was actually done 2-3 years ago... i dunno, this style aint the stuff ive been wanting to hear from these guys...

probably coz all of the kru is too lazy and doesnt care to work on a tune more than 10 minues!
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