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    Here's an update from the last few member features on

    From the Drum and Bass camp there were two fine pieces from DJ Rekless and new member Spectr. Geo-Center (Rekless), with its wonderful arabic intro rips open the dancefloor at the drop. Spectr launched with fine style featuring the heady layers and euphoric melodies on 'Air Test'.

    The Dubstep dominated the digital airwaves, with features from P-Note, EZ$ and Vengeance of the Undead. P-Notes feature 'Tired', wove a rich retro tapestry. Keeping to the retro feel, arcade effects were brought to the forefront with EZ$, Rattled. From the other end of the spectrum came the dark progessive Dubstep, Xenophopia, from Vengence of the Undead.

    Finally, bringing it all down came a feature from DJ Rolling Paper, a remix of The Korgis 'Everybody’s got to learn sometime'. Check this one out for "a warm journey sprinkled with raw filtered percussion".