Stuuu/SDM - "???"


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Mar 21, 2002
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Stuuu (aka SDM) - "???" :thumbsup:

Right, let me just get this straight. Stuuu has not asked me or offered me free drugs to write this review for him, Im doing it cos when I heard this tune, I was blown away!!!
31 Seconds'/DnBForum's Stuuu comes with a dancefloor smasher here, in a similar vein to Austria's Mindmachine, and anyone whose read my posts on him will know that I dont consider that a bad thing! Opening with heavy, tribal drums and a distorted vocal, the tune escalates, encompassing samples and effects all the way, before the breakdown, which is where things get nasty. A nice stabbing, distorted bass comes at you out of nowhere, when suddenly the drop comes and your catapulted into a frenzy of breaks and chaos! As I said before, Im sensing a Dylan/Mindmachine influence here, and when I say that I do not mean 'rip-off'. Trademarks have been replaced by interesting noises and effects that blend to create a moody atmosphere that holds throughout the tune. This is the first tune Ive heard from Stuuu, and I cant say I know too much about his background, but if this tune is anything to go by, you'll be hearing a lot of him from now on! To hear this tune -


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Thanks :afro:

It's not really got a name, I've just decided to call it 001 as it's my first proper attempt at a DNB choon.

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