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leo the lion
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Jun 27, 2009
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I know im prob being thick as shit.. Im using a laptop with a trackor type program. I got audacity but i cant get it to record anything other then the actually test tone that the vinyl are producing. Do i have to by a 3.5-3.5 jack and plug it from speaker out to mic in on the laptop?

It driving me mental.. please help..

ps- sorry if this is posted in wrong forum.


Sep 24, 2009
I believe you don't have enough inputs to record the actual audio itself since the timecode system usually uses 4 input/outputs to transfer the timecode signal..
Your best bet would be to buy the 3.5-3.5 cable and just plug it in tho the sound quality ain't gonna be that good.
I tend to use a 2rca-2xlr-cable from the mixer to another audio interface which goes to another computer equipped with soundforge. That way the quality is a lot better.
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