Studioviper & Sicsoundz - Blue Screen Of Life

love those vocal pads in the intro..... pure darkness
Nice sandy break aswell :slayer: perfect use of reverb.. not too much, but enough to make it sound heavy. The intro is going on a bit..... doesnt drop until well into 2 minutes. But when it does :slayer: Sub bass is tight.... but maybe a bit loud in the mix. I can definately feel a bit of the old skool bad company influences in this one.... stuff from way back (the fear EP), specially on the bassline and the variations on it. Overall... the tunes a bit repetitive.. and doesnt really go anywhere.. it sounds alot like one of my tunes in that respect :lol: But it's pretty tight production, i think you just need some more elements and a bit more energy in there.

:slayer: :slayer: :slayer: good work
thanks for the comments Matt; this is a very early demo where we tried to concentrate on the production as opposed to the actual 'music'. I think the reese sound is gonna change a bit and then we'll do some more variations and change the composition a little...

Fancy doin a remix when its done? :D
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