Studio setups:


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Apr 17, 2002
Just interested in what kit people are using to produce their tunes, 'cos I'm impressed with some of the stuff I've downloaded from people here. Softsynths users or hardware purists?

This is my setup:
Cubase 5
Soundforge 4.5
Reaktor 3 (this softsynth is a work of pure genius!)
HALion (soft-sampler)
Battery (soft-drumsampler)
Various plugin FX for cubase
M1 Korg (old, but still useful)
PIII 800MHz 190Mb RAM
SB Live soundcard (this needs changing)

It seems to be mostly software, when considering how little I earn and the ease you can d/l things from the net, it's no surprise. ;) My PC can just about handle the load, but if I try and get too fancy with the FX or have too man softsynths running, it punishes me. I suppose that's the major drawback.

Any Reaktor users out there?


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May 11, 2002
The Lunatic Pandora
Logic Audio, Pro Tools, ...
Macintosh Quadra 950
E-mu E-400 hollywood gold edition sampler
Roland R70
Acces Virus
sometimes Roland SP880 groovesampler ...
and some other stuff ...


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Mar 26, 2002
edited list of my studio shit

hhb circle 5's
korg x5
emu esi 32
amd 700 PC, 256mb
SBlive 5.1 (soon to be a RME hammerfall or M-audio delta 66)

most used software:

cubase 5 (sequencer)
nuendo 1.5 (sequencer)
soundforge 5 (editor)
recycle 2 (beat choppin)
reaktor (everything)
halion (sampler)
kontact (sampler)
pro 52 (synth)
junglist (synth)
waves c1 compressor
waves renaissance compressor
waves limiter
pen + paper (very useful!)


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Mar 26, 2002
8O i find if u can hold the pen very still, when u move the paper against it some small marks appear on the paper, dunno what use this might be but it seems like a promising innovation so i thought id share it with u all. maybe someone can figure out something really good it can be used for apart from changing white paper to blue paper?


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Jun 8, 2002
Milton Keynes/Bournemouth
Halion soft synth


Hi People

Does anyone know where I can get myself a copy of halion. I have been looking for it for ages to download but can't find it anywhere.


So far I use:
cubase 3.7
Reality by Seer Systems
Soundforge 4.5
Emagic Logic Audio (I have but never used)

Not much compared to some but im learning.

If anyone has any advise on writting fresh original beats bring it on, I'm all ears :)

Respect all.




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Nov 29, 2001
Omtrak said:
dRiFT said:
Call me oldskool, but my setup used to be SoundForge 4 and FastTracker 2. Oh, and a bit of Buzz occasionally.

Old, old, OLD oldskool. :thumbsup:

Oldskool gents get all the ladies!

Drift seems to get all the men though :confused:
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