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Discussion in 'Production' started by anaamika83, Jun 30, 2009.

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    I have recently started music production and had been making remixes a while on my HiFi speakers which is a bad refrence for overall programming and mixing. So, I am planning to invest on refrence monitors for my room. My room size is 10x11 Foot and Height is 9 Foot. I am producing electronic music (Dubstep, Electro House, Drum n Bass).

    After doing lot of research i have found out couple of monitors which are suiting my budget.

    1) Yamaha MSP5 /HS50M

    2) Mackie MR5

    3) M-Audio BX5A Deluxe

    4) Alesis M1 Active MKII / M1 Active 620

    So please provide me appropriate suggestions :

    1. 5" or 8" monitors based on my above mentioned room size.
    2. Monitors from the above list which are suitable for above mentioned music genres.
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    May 12, 2006
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    i just got a pair of samson
    rubicon R5s for nearfield monitoring...
    and they are great...
    suprisingly good actually...
    future music rated them the best
    monitor in their price range...

    stereo imaging is fantastic...
    field isnt to deep.. so it will suit
    smaller rooms without treatment
    more than 6 or 8 inch drivers

    ribbons are crisp and defined... the
    mid range sounds so clear...

    listened to them against the KRKs 5
    inch monitors... which sounded boxy
    and rolled off way to high in comparison...

    check em out...