Studio for sale

Studio for sale £1,300 the lot

:afro: Complete home studio - immaculate condition

Emu E64 Ultra Sampler (One of the best samplers on the market)
SCSI Drive 250 MB (attached to E64 instant sounds at your fingertips)
Proteus 2500 Command Station (hundreds of drums,snares,hi- hats,fx,synths,bass)
Proteus extra ram card X-Lead (Hundreds of sounds)
Novation Bass Station (Create your own bass,kicks,synths)
Atari ST fully rammed up (Midi Sequencer)
Atari Running Original Cubase 3 (Perfect time-keeping)
Keyboard (Midi)
Midi connecting boxes and all leads

WILL ACCEPT REASONABLE OFFER - I will reply back to all e-mails £1,300 the lot

If you are serious about music then this is a must, genuine reason for selling, no time wasters please, contact
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