!!!STUDIO!!!DJ SnipaZ Dubstep Session (Nuff Exclusives!!!!)

Dj SnipaZ

Bassclash Recs/BUN
Dec 31, 2008
EZ Ppl
Here's my latest Dubstep Mixset. Showcasing a few labels/Projects im part of.
Plenty of unheard & Exclusive material from artists New & Old

1) Deckstar - Stereo Sound <Dub>
>> Afrika Bambaata - Pupunani <Acapella>
2) 2000F - Up To Your Neck (Vocal Mix)
3) Beezy - Mr Dingaling (Benga Remix) <Dub>
4) Wurzel Gummage - Nunfights <Bassclash Dub>
5) Richie August - Lets Kill <Benamorph Dub>
6) Swizla & Tex - Get Mashup <Beat Bandits Dub>
7) Deckstar - Dub Murderer <Dub>
8] Dubfiction - Rippling <Dub>
9) Switchdubs - Wagamama <Dub>
10) Flux Pavilion & Erebus - Audio Pest <Dub>
11) Gunstab - Tallinn Evil <Heavy Artillery Dub>
12) Enigma - Jumanji <Dub>
13) B Squared - Bullet Tooth Tony <Dub>
14) Syntonics - Rock Tonight (Bombaman Remix) <Dub>
15) KOAN Sound - Alchemy <Dub>
16) Suspect & Switchdubs - Rotary <Dub>
17) Babysham - Spida
18) Flux Pavilion - Steppa <EOD Dub)
19) Lady Gaga - Just Dance (BUN Remix) <Dub>
20) Ill Bill Bachelor - Creature <Dub>
21) Suspect - Melodic <XS Dubs Forthcoming>
22) Gunstab - The Cube <Dub>
23) KGB - 0 Dub <Dub>
24) Suspect - Modulation <Prime Audio Dub>
25) B Squared - Casualty <Dub>
26) Monstr - Hell Can Wait <DestPub>
27) Flux Pavilion & Trolley Snatcha - Family Fortunes <EOD Dub>
28) Mr Boogie & Bukez Finest - More Fiyah <Dub>
29) Enigma - We Come One <Dub>

From the link below, you can download the mix as one full track.
I am currently uploading a zipped file containing the mix as serperate tracks to burn to cd ect
The post will be edited soon with the link to this file.


This is a link to a zip folder containing the mix as split tracks

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onit your last dub mix was sick as!! prefer if it ones trak aswell coz then it dont skip nuff!! safe!
BIG facking tunes!!!!! safety!!!
You should post this in the underground section! u may get more feedback!
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