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    Hi all,

    Due to a recent database error we recently lost 1992's amazing "Stuck In 1992" forum.

    Because this was a big part of the website I've managed to grab a copy of the forum and *most* of its posts from Google's cache.

    You can find the archive here: http://custom.dnbforum.com/archive/

    I am going to look into getting it back into the forum properly so this archive *may* just be a temporary measure. Please note as these are static HTML pages you won't be able to reply to the threads in the archive, they are simply there so you can get to the music!

    Enjoy! :)
  2. Hi,

    I had these mixes from the 'stuck in 1992' forum, my hard drive with 2tb of music has died and data recovery impossible. Really gutted is there anyway to get access back to these mixes?