StuC4C (80's British Hip Hop & Britcore Mix) Beat Freaks Mix Vol 5


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Sep 25, 2010
1.Hijack - Style Wars
2.Soul 2 Soul - Keep On Moving (Inst)
3.Demon Boyz - Recognition
4.Overlord X - Brutal Bass
5.Derek B - Bad Young Brother
6.MicRon - Eastenders Rap
7.Richie Rich - Boogie Back
8.Jus Bad - Freestyle
9.Loose Ends - Hanging On A String (Inst)
10.Demon Boyz - Vibes
11.Mc Mello - Wise
12.London Ryme Syndicate - Hard To The Core
13.C.J Makintosh & Einstein - The Tables Are Turning
14.Dookie Squad - Mad Shit (Inst)
15.Freshki Dames - Kickin It Live
16.Hardnoise - Serve Tea Then Murder (Inst)
17.Trouble - I get Hype
18.Top Billin - Straight From The Soul
19.Richie Rich - My D.J (D.J Beats)
20.Jackson Sisters I beleive In Miracles
21.Mc Duke - Miracles
22.Ronin - Who Got The Last Laugh
23.Hijack - The Terrorist Group
24.Well Red - MFSB (In Full Effect)
25.Mc Duke - Im Riffin (Inst)
26.Mc Duke - Im Riffin (The Criminal Minds 5 Year Grudge Mix)
27.Bomb The Bass - MegaBlast (Hip Hop On Precinct 13)
28.Monie Love - I Can Do This
29.Black Radical MK 2 - Monsoon
30.JC 001 & Dj Dzire - Bad Place To Get Hit
31.MC Chilli D & Dj Dopestuff - Chillin Wid Dope
32.2 The Top - The Rythm I Give Em
33.Caveman - Fry You Like Fish
34.S.L Troopers - There It Is
35.Hijack - The Contract (Inst)
36.Hijack - The Badman Is Robin (Accapella)
37.Mc Goldtop - My Introduction
38.Outlaw Posse - The Original Dope
39.Paradox - Jailbreak Beats
40.She Rockers - On Stage
41.London Rhyme Syndicate - Armed & Extremely Dangerous
42.Hardnoise - Mice In The Presence Of The Lion
43.Hardnoise - Mice In The Presence Of The Lion (Inst)
44.Burial Proceedings In The Course Of Three Knights
45.S.L Troopers - Movement (Inst)
46.Hardnoise - Untitled (Accapella)
47.MC Martay & DBM - Beyond Control
48.Silver Bullet - Bring Forth The Gillotine (Dj Beats)
49.MC Chilli D & Dj Dopestuff - The Magnificent
50.Gunshot - Battle Creek Brawl
51.Hijack - Hold No Hostage
52.Silver Bullet - 20 Seconds To Comply
53.Dj Cue Tips & Mc Dashy D - Control
54.London Posse - Money Mad
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