Structuring a DnB tune

A mate and I have used FL and massive
to get a decent main bass line, lead, sub bass,
atmospherics and drum beat section down.

We've also made a medium length intro and buildup.
I'm after any suggestions for other sections and how to
make them ?
We have a drop but it's not quite powerful enough
so suggestions there would be great too


Harbinger Of Bass
Really depends on what kind of style your making more than anything, for example if i was making a jumpup tune i'd probably start with beats going into a breakdown and building up into a drop. more melodic DnB might start off with a long intro building up layers into your beats drop. if find variety is key in making dnb, especially in your main bass section. sometimes towards the end of my main section i might cut the main bassline and just leave the sub rolling before it goes into a breakdown, or clone your main bassline channel and make subtle changes to it for different section to keep things interesting.

As for your your drop its hard to tell without hearing it, try some risers leading upto the drop, helps alot of the time. Also this might seem obvious, but have your drop louder than the build up and have your hits (Kick & Snare) and bass the loudest parts of your track
Spose the best way is to listen to other tracks, see how they're structured, and see what you like. experiment with it. i've got a bad habit of 2 minute synth sections...hahah
Yeah, its seems like you need to listen a lot and experiment with different things :)... see what works best for your track and suit your style :). + its really hard to help you because we dont even have some preview or demo stuff etc :).Use drums for build up ( if you have many drum layers then use for example just half from drumloop). Try using some reverb (as send) with long decay on whole musical group (4 example start introduce reverb 8 bars before drop etc ) and try filter out things on build little bit and bring them back on drop + in this part while filtering try introduce some mid bass ( slowly building it up with hi pass), so the drop will sound bigger and more powerful. As many producers already said - keep things minimal and simple. Dont overdose your breakdowns with many shitty elements because drop will sound weak and maybe even boring. But yeah... its hard to give you an good advice when we dont know what you really want. Cheerz!