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    So now I'm getting better at my mixdowns, I'm going to focus on my next weak point, which is the overall structure of my tracks.

    I've got a real bad habit of just going with the flow and not concentrating on the real structure of it all, and now I'm working on this I just thought I'd ask you all how you structure your tracks?

    Is there a general rule to follow? I understand the basic 32 bar intro etc but wondered if any of you followed set guidelines each track??
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    If in doubt, keep it simple.

    But it really helps keeping things interesting in having a "b-part" of some sort. If you have a cool melody, try to find a natural counter melody for it. Dont stray too far from the original either, think musically here, stay in key etc.. Think about all the pop (or any "real" music for that matter) tracks that have a chorus and a verse, and the track structure alternates between the 2, and usually theres a 'c-part' as well to mark a highpoint in the track the breakdown all dnb tunes have.
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    Here's my method-less method.

    I start from what I would consider the main general beat. Then I add the main general bassline.
    I mutate that into a b version. When I've done that and added all my little hits and things to make the track a bit less boring (although for mine they seem to just stick out, as opposed to blend in,) I work backwards, and add the intro, and drop.

    I don't know if this is a particularly effective way in doing it, probably not.
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    I got a whole different way.

    Each track got it's own story in my head. Yeah, real storys about characters, places, actions...
    I produce the track, and when I think there have to be chances, a murder, an interruption, whatever you want, I write the melody for the next part.

    For sure, I start out with an intro, go over to the main part as long as it doesn't bore me. I go back to the main part maybe with some pad an variations and after the second run I start out with part two.
    Some sampled theme, some sampled bridge or just some fcking "whateveryawant". After that I go back to the main part but mix it with the theme melody or the bride and make variations to keep it interesting.
    Or have you ever read a book and skiped pages?

    Ins't that weird? :D
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    I feel a that solid structure comes from great understanding of what suprises / interesting elements your track may be lacking. Or what you'd like to hear next!

    a lot of the time in a mix session, a dj may lose your whole intro from tracking for a double drop. consider that a big drop is more memorable in the club than an intrinsic intro. But if you produce for the guys with headphones, an intro can really help your game as you are playing to an audience that loves the structural integrity in a drum n bass track. i'm a stickler for structure - but i also love broken rules!
    and yeh! your sound has progressed a long way and nicely too mate!
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    i love a b-part to your main part. you have the intro and then it drops and then a 2nd part comes to the main part. its a very basic idea but i just figured it out.
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    Have a listen to some tunes you like and count the bars. You will quickly spot a pattern that differentiates the tunes you like to listen to on their own and the tune you like to DJ with. Then decide what it is you are going for and copy that structure. Once you get a bit more used to it you can start switching things up a bit but I find that to start with it really helps to get your tunes finished if you constrict yourself in the structure of the tune.