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    I was really happy how this mix came out; done in one pass, with no digital editing whatsoever; everything you hear is me performing and mixing my music live. No auto sync either.

    Structure: April Studio Mix


    Hypersleep- Intro
    Organa Fortuna / Organa Fortuna LP
    Apeshit / Simian Soldiers EP
    White Mantis / Psychonauts EP
    Soul of Charon / Organa Fortuna LP
    Isla Terra / Organa Fortuna LP
    00Mecha00 / Machina Complex LP
    Futurepast / Machina Complex LP
    Flatliner / Machina Complex LP
    Inspirata / Machina Complex LP
    Mondrian Moon / Organa Fortuna LP
    Tears of Demeter / Organa Fortuna LP
    Pink Lemonade / Harlem Afternoon EP
    Hopscotch and Butterflies / Harlem Afternoon EP
    Music Explorer / Harlem Afternoon EP
    Harlem Afternoon / Harlem Afternoon EP

    All about Structure:

    I hope you enjoy the mix; feel free to share it with your friends, burn it to CD and play it in your car or put it on your Ipod! :) And by all means drop me a comment or two as well if you feel so inclined. :)

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