Structural + Stereotype [T-FILE-EP002]


Sep 11, 2005
Mannheim, Germany
Structural + Stereotype - "Xnanax" / Stereotype - "Ultimate Technology" [Tilt-Recordings / T-FILE-EP002]


"Xanax" is a collaboration between the Ukraine and Poland.
Stereotype (see T-FREE043) and Structural, the man who gave
the world the Mechaplex Promo Mix (also see T-FREE029),
made a king size tool that combines a classical dark atmo
and industrial stabs with room depth over a straight beat.
"Ultimate technology" is one of Stereotype's very best
solo tunes so far. It creates a lot of energy by building
up layers of stabs arranged in call-and-response patterns
and a rich array of percussion elements on different levels
over a subtly accentuated snare and compact kickdrums,
merging all the elements into a powerful loop structure
accompanied by a properly rolling and driving bassline.

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