Strife II - Protaras EP Out Now on Celcius Recordings!


Junodownload review;

Dipping and soaring over a sharply crisp drum and bass backdrop, the piano-driven verses of "Protaras" are delicate and melancholy, lifted by the relentless percussive tap of kicks and snares. "Beacon City Skyline" is a deep beauty of a track, featuring the harmonious vocals of Dennean. Experimenting with breakcore textures and euphoric samples it's truly unique and showcases his trance and breakbeat influences. Final track "Year In The Rain" samples a rain storm - of course - but matches it tastefully with the sing-song lilt of Strife II's favourite instrument, the piano. Building atmospherically until a break in the clouds, it's liquid at it's best…lease/40526
Still available for free download is "The Quiet White" :)
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