(|)) Stress PiLL - ShadowSystem


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Apr 6, 2004
This is the beta version...meaning...I made it on headphones so the EQ's may or may not be orgasm evoking.

You can listen to it without downloading from:

(|)) StressPiLL - ShadowSystem

It's not available for download until I get some monitors out here.

Also, there's another song I have in that link called Statik Revolution. It features vocals from Portishead-Undenied. Check it out.

The drums sound cool though you could drop the picth on em a bit and make it louder. The bass is what I'm not feeling. Its a bit to messy.. And the track is a bit to repetitive. The background bass is kool. it comes every fourth bar.. I like it. The second drop is far better. the the bass is still not my flaver the filtering it makes it better. I give it all a 5.5-6/10 EZ bro.
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