Stress Factor Podcast Episode #178 - Optimal Prime Guest Mix November 2014

Optimal Prime

Specialising in the arts and crafts of Drum & Bass
Hello all,

Over the last week we have been working on getting another podcast mix show together for a 5 year running series known as the Stress Factor Podcast show. This is our first official guest mix podcast show so far and we have decided to include a variety of tracks that have been played by us in our Dub Cutz series over the last year or so with a few new ones in there including some exclusives.

Our Dub Cutz series usually follows a specific flow whereby we begin with liquid uplifting and melodic DnB before progressing to darker and techier DnB then finishing off with a smoother ambient and liquid funk vibe. To make the Optimal Prime Guest Mix a little different, there is not specific order but generally we have gone across the spectrum with styles like we usually do. Big thanks to Higher Level Records for providing us with their new upcoming release by Drifta, in which we feature his B side track "Feel the Heat", expected to be out on the last day of November. Also thanks to Kyrad for giving us his newest unreleased track Circumspect. Xanadu & Modus have also been promoting their free download of Ghost in the Machine, and on a technical level it really is excellent and seems to have gained a fair few hits pushing the 8000 mark. That's also in here too. The full tracklist can be found below.


1. Icicle - Problem ft. Skittles (Shogun Audio)
2. Optimal Prime - Yago Dawn (Unreleased)
3. Klax - Blackball [Binary Vol 02] (Critical Records)
4. Mefjus - Continuous [Suicide Bassline] (Critical Records)
5. BSE & Noisia - Hideous (Optimal Prime Remix) (Free Track)
6. Icicle - The Edge feat. Metropolis (Shogun Audio)
7. Namasta feat. Tiana Khasi - Signs (Original) [Single] (Armada Trice)
8. John Newman - Love Me Again (Kove Remix) UKF
9. Kyrad - Circumspect (Unreleased)
10. Drifta - Feel The Heat (Higher Level)
11. Optimal Prime - Rebirth (Original) Unreleased
12. Optimal Prime - Skankers (Original) Unreleased
13. Wilkinson - Like it Hard (Virgin EMI)
14. Neonlight - Sprechfunk (Rock & Roll Edit) [Power Hour EP]
15. Xanadu & Modu - Ghost in the Machine Free Download
16. Naiive - Lost Within (Terabyte)
17. Zeal & Litta ft. Natrill - Beast Mode [The Curse EP] (Disturbed)
18. L 33 - Detuned (Program Records)
19. Darksoul - Scary House [Scary House EP] (Disturbed)
20. Break & Mako - What a Little Moonlight can do (Warm) [Warm030 EP]
21. Eastcolors - The Light (Phil Tangent Remix)[The Light Album] (Demand)
22. Bluewire - Windswept Free Track
23. Response - Surveillance (Ingredients)
24. M Set - Whispers [Summer Love] (Liquid Tones)

You can download the Stress Factor Optimal Prime Guest Mix directly from Soundcloud and the file is 320kbps. Feedback is always appreciated and for anyone wishing to get their music put in our future shows, please contact me on Soundcloud itself or just send us an e-mail (on the SC page).

Enjoy the mix​