Streetfreak - Untitled (Instrumental Mix)

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    Streetfreak -Broken Serenity (Instrumental Mix)

    Yo ppl every nation!
    I wanna say Hi! to everyone because its my first post on this forum :)
    Heres a sample of my newest track:

    Info: (like in online shop ;)):
    It is a combination of lifted string section, euphoric el. guitar (in real its a synth of course) and other naturally occurring things in drum and bass :D

    1. Female vocal is missing, so im looking for good vocalist right now and when i done, then i present official version with vocal.
    2. Snare is too loud. I known that and I turn snare down today. Probably is something wrong with guitars.
    3. All track is made on software. I use only (crappy) headphones AKG K512 so I think, mix is very good for that type of monitor's ;)
    4. Any comment is welcome.
    5. I will very happy if someone can give me any info of labels with that type of DnB.

    About me: im a music producer with 10 years of experience. Before i make a Psychedelic Trance, but something kick my brain in December last year and now im in love to dnb, breakz and oldskool funk.
    I like to make tracks in many genres but my prioritet is DnB now.
    My first tracks are Darkstep but this one is going to euphoric trancestep... i think :fag:

    If someone is interest more, im invite to my myspace page:
    where You can find my bio and my tracks in crappy quality ;)
    And if someone is interrest, my psy-trance page:
    Cheers :pat:
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