We the Autonomous and free living peoples of Europe have suffered violent oppresion at the hands of the authorities for far too long,we are not criminals, we just choose to live differently, but the levels of violence against us have reached critical and we can no longer accept it. We suffered from police brutality during unjustified evictions, beatings and hardships suffered by our peoples every single day, Cz tek last year was the breaking point where we suffered 2 dead and over 100 people seriously injured just for dancing at an authorized event, the police in riot gear steamed in to innocent dancing people with batton charges and Tear gas attacks. Moreover we are denied basic human rights the same rights than other citizens are entitled for example travelers’s or squatter’s children cannot access school easily, leading us to a social exclusion Medical care like doctors and dentists can be a real problem to when you live on the move, In response to this violent acts we scheduled this demonstration to show everyone that we want to be integrated and that we are just willing to propose alternatives way of life and events for every european citizens.

So we are asking you to mobilize yourselves, your sound systems and your friends and head for Strasbourg to make yourselves seen and heard peacefully. We will be assembling at 14.00 hours at Place de l’Universite in strasbourg city center and will be marching on the European Parliement and Council and the Court of Human Rights.

We will be asking for clarification of the full and truthful facts for the police action on the 30th of July 05 in the czeck republic based on real democratic judicature according to the charta for human rights, We demand that there will not be another violent police intervention like we have seen in the past at any events in the future. We have had enough of police aggresion aimed at alternative lifestyles and peaceful assemblies and are gathering here peacefully as 'ONE VOICE' to ask them to stop their aggresion and brutality and to treat us like human beings, with respect,compassion and understanding. And to accept that we are just different, not criminals and terrorists and that we want to offer Europe a free access to Arts and Culture, new means of expression, and social alternatives... All those rights are guaranted in the Declaration of Human Rights (Art. 5-10-11-13-14 & add.2) but no ones seem to care about us!

We ask you all to bring the carnival atmosphere with whistles, horns, drums and anything else you can make some fucking noize with !!! We do not want a violent protest and ask everyone to be on there best behavior, dont give them the excuse to turn this on us, the worlds press will be watching.

You will find out details and directions to the Teknival afterwards at the demonstration by word of mouth. we have authorization for this but we are not sure for how long we are working on it at the moment but should know for deffinate soon, To keep up to date on developments and to receive mail outs join the new forum on and get involved how ever you can. We really need all the help we can get, dont leave it up to everybody else, take the initiative.and make this happen. Promote this where ever you can, print off the flyers and give them out at your parties, post the flyers on online forums and message boards in your country, get your local pirate radio stations involved, get the djs and emcee's to plug it, do what ever you can to get our people to strasbourg. Together, united, we can make the difference.