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Jun 13, 2007
The much anticipated Don't Talk EP by @stranjah comes out July 11 on Bandcamp, and all other outlets on July 18th.

The last 12 months has been incredible for Stranjah with last summer’s Wolfman EP, appearances on Hospital, Technique, and recently a prominent feature on Critical Music’s Binary:Codes LP which has set this Canadian’s drum & bass career in stone. If his last full-length ‘Visionz of a Future’ was a precursor to a new Stranjah sound, then this debut release on his new imprint Deviant Audio makes certain that the bass prodigy is here to stay.

The Don’t Talk EP is a 4-tracker of moody, bass-heavy rollers. The release is an evolution of Stranjah’s signature combination of throttling basslines and razor-tight drum programming. It’s like a new and enhanced model of Stranjah for 2017.

The title track ‘Don’t Talk’ features Tony Ranks from King of the Dot lyrical fame. The track opens up with Southern Hip-Hop style synths and Ranks coming in with a fierce lyrical stance. Then it builds and drops into a super-tight 808 snare roll with a rumbling dub bass, while its vocal-snip lead blends the line between jungle, drum & bass and hip-hop.

Opening with ghostly pads, the aptly named ‘Phantom’ builds and switches up with a oldschool break fill only to drop into a gnarly neuro-esque bassline over-top a dancehall rhythm. The track builds with festival-pleasing atmospherics and a moody steel-pan rhythm taking the listener through a journey in this futuristic banger.

The dark thematic strings in ‘Crusader’ set the tone right as a distorted vocal filters in. The tune drops into a quirky percussion-line topped with a half-step beat and a growling wobbling bassline. The THX-screen-opening inspired riser builds the track up for a pounding second drop. This one seems to go down well every time it’s been dropped on a system.

‘Clutch’ is a dark industrial rufige track featuring a rising name from Berlin, Germany going by Survey. The dark, thumping style of drum & bass is firmly executed on this collaboration, and you can hear it is a perfect amalgamation of the two teams with its deep dark sonics blended with its retrospective jungle breaks.

This is a strong debut for Deviant Audio, with heavy tracks and no filler. Stay tuned for more bass changers from this promising label set to push the envelope of bass-oriented music with rising talented and established names in the game.

Stranjah - Don't Talk EP

1. Don’t Talk ft. Tony Ranks
2. Phantom
3. Crusader
4. Clutch ft. Survey

Cat No: DEV001


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Oct 11, 2011
Feeling Clutch and Crusader and will probably like the other two when I hear them properly. Not sure what was wrong with the "old" Stranjah that he felt he had to rebrand, but if the music is good I am happy enough.

Hope we still get the odd tune like Redemption VIP....

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