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What is Storejam all about?
Storejam is a bran new download site for labels and artists. It was founded by graham (phat playaz) and together with his team of web designers, and together with a promotional team, Storejam was developed and launched December 2012.

Why Storejam?
The Storejam project is wanting to create a rewarding offer for labels and artist, but with a difference. Storejam is offering a great deal to everyone. One distribution company said to us“we are offering the best deal out there”, well that's great to hear but it's not all about Storejam, it's about putting money back into your pocket. Our thoughts are “you made the music, it's your money, you earned it”

As well as music, any other good's available on Storejam?
We are now building up a clothing shop, there's going to be some great interviews, competitions, mixes by some of the best dj's/producers at the forefront of the scene, Storejam live events, so there's quite a lot of ideas we have which will be shown on the site. Plus we are going into as many genres of music as possible this year.

Final thought's ?
This project is about getting more and more people together, closer and in understanding the music and what we are about, we are all part of a movement, lets be proud of it! Storejam is releasing as many labels & artists as possible who we can get involved, and the way things are going labels are grabbing this offer we have.

WWW.STOREJAM.COM “It's got people talking, so be part of it”

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