Stickypod Connection - Shambhala 08 - Funk, Breaks, DNB, Ragga, Midtempo, Mashup,


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Jul 3, 2005
High Wycombe Village
Stickypod Connection - Shambhala 08 - Funk, Breaks, DNB, Ragga, Midtempo, Mashup,

Yes King – Champion Sound (acapella)
The Beatles – Come Together (Stickypod Live Edit)
Stephen Marley – The Traffic Jam (Ft. Damien Marley)
Galactic – Think Back (Ft. Chali 2na)
MC Miker G + Dj Sven – Holiday Rap (acapella)
DJ Z-Trip & Lateef – Get Down (Ft. Lyrics Born)
Jon Ohms – Breathe & Stop
Luniz – I got 5 on it (acapella)
Brother to Brother – Chance with You
The Beatles – Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (acapella)
Black Eyed Peas – Weekends (acapella)
Jon Ohms – Shake Ya Ass
Elephant Man – Doing it Right (acapella)
jpod the beat chef – How We Really Rock (instrumental)
Demolition Man – Boom Sumting (acapella)
Flevans – 12 Apostles
General Levy – Heat (acapella)
Lyrics Born – Hands up (acapella)
Boogie Boom – Boogie Boom
Lateef – Best of Me (acapella)
Stickybuds – Bounce Ya Booty
jpod the beat chef – Dance Round Now
The Commodores – Machine Gun (jpod Remix)
Rephrase – Catch Ya
The Breakbeat Junkie – Linguistics
Chris Joss – I Want Freedom
Jurassic 5 – Linguistics (acapella)
Yes King – Champion Sound (acapella)
Basement Freaks & Quasamodo – Move Sucker (Omegaman Remix)
Featurecast – Chuck Berry
Weezer – Buddy Holly (acapella)
A.Skillz – Funky Sounds
Jurassic 5 – In Da House (acapella)
Weezer – Say it Aint So (acapella)
P-Zilla – Baddest Man
The Commodores – Too Hot To Trot
A.D.O.R – One For the Trouble (acapella)
Earth Wind & Fire – Magic Mind
Elephant Man – Father Elephant (acapella)
F-U-N-K (acapella)
Sampology – Back on the Drums
The Temptations – Papa was a Rolling Stone
Nick Fonkyson – Rock Da Spot
MC Miker G + Dj Sven – Holiday Rap (acapella)
Jon Ohms – Groove is in the Ghetto
Featurecast – Monkey
Topcat – Special Request (acapella)
Manuel Sahagun – Tonight (Sticky Edit)
The Beatles – Money Can't Buy me Love (acapella)
Jurassic 5 – Baby Please (acapella)
UK Apache – Every Man
Collie Buds – Come Around (acapella)
Mooncat – Small World
Sublime – Doin' Time (acapella)
Dj Panik – Dread Or Alive
Chromeo – Teneroni (acapella)
Alozade & Hollow Point & Mr. Vegas – Under Mi Sensi (acapella)
Visionary – Skylarking
Tom Jones – It's Not Unusual (acapella)
Danny Byrd – Weird Science
Bob Marley – Is This Love (acapella)
Eve Ft. Sean Paul – Give it to You (acapella)
Ace of Base – All that She Wants (jpod "She Wants All That" edit)
DJ Zebra - Killing Boombastic (Stickypod Remake)
Flight of The Conchords – Boom
The Nextmen Ft. Cutty Ranks – Silent Weapon
Dj Czech – Hot like Czech Boy
Breakbeat Buddha – The Wrecka
Cecile – Hot Like We (acapella)
Cutty Ranks & General Levy – Weh Dem ah Watch We For (acapella)
DJ Z-Trip & Lateef – Devil's Detail
Mr. Benn & Drake Scorpio's Jazzment – Haus am Wald
T.O.K – Pengeleng (acapella)
Elephant Man – Give Her Good (acapella)
Beatphreak – Gospel Nights (Rephrase Remix)
Sugar Ray Ft. Supercat – Fly (acapella)
All Good Funk Alliance – Now Lately (Rephrase Remix)
Malente – Open Secret (acapella)
Freestylers – Weekend Song (acapella)
Stickybuds – Bass Now Watcha Gon' Do
Featurecast – Funky White Brother
F-U-N-K (acapella)
Turntablerocker – Rings
Bangles – Walk like an Egyptian
People… You in the House ?
Mista Savona – World a Run So
Montel Jordan – This is How we Do it (acapella)
Rephrase – Since 1939
Jurassic 5 – What's Golden (acapella)
A.Skillz Vs. Beatvandals – Simply Playing
Crooklyn Clan & Lyrics Born – Bounce That Damn Thing (acapella)
Featurecast – Take a Ride
Rodney P – Trouble (acapella)
Kurtis – Better Than the Real Thing
Chromeo – Needy Girl (acapella)
Featurecast – Take a Ride (acapella)
Rephrase – Funky Little So & So (Basement Freaks Remix)
Michael Jackson – Scream (acapella)
Rennie Pilgrim – Across 111th Street
Alozade & Hollow Point & Mr. Vegas – Under Mi Sensi (acapella)
Rick James – Super Freak (acapella)
Mr. Strom & Dj Prosper – Fight The Power
Nelly vs. Rare Earth – Celbrate the Lights (Stickapella)
Plaza De Funk – Get on Down
Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun (acapella)
Nextmen – Spin it Round (acapella)
Lyrics Born – Callin Out (acapella)
Chris Joss – Freedom (Myagi Remix)
Featurecast – Take a Ride (acapella)
Lyrics Born – Hands Up (acapella)
General Levy – Stick Em Up (acapella)
Wolfgang Bartner – Montezuma
Fatboy Slim – Champion Sound (acapella)
N.E.R.D – Rockstar (acapella)
Snoop Dog vs. General Levy – Bow Wow Ya Free (Stickapella)
Napt – Gotta Have More Cowbell
Curtis B – Next Level
Elephant Man – Elephant Message (acapella)
Trix & Flix & Shaggy – Like A Superstar (Radio Edit)
Rektchords – Boolash
Elephant Man – Head Top (acapella)
The BPA – Toe Jam Ft. Dizzee Rascal (Stanton Warriors Remix)
Jurassic 5 – Influence (acapella)
Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby (acapella)
Dreadzone – Love Your Life (Ctrl Z Remix)
Malente – Open Secret (acapella)
Spaz – Virtual Click (Stickybuds Not Playin Around Edit)
Dj Mutiny – Turning Point (Far Too Loud Remix)
Sublime vs. Moby – Doin' Time With Alice (Stickapella)
4 Kuba – Atomic Reaktor
General Levy vs. Chromeo & Rick James – Sugarcane Tenderoni Freak (Stickapella)
The Beat Assassins Ft. Nine Lives The Cat – Generation MTV (Pimpin Mix)
Freestylers – Weekend Song (acapella)
Clipse - When The Last Time (acapella)

With great pleasure, I present to you our set from Shambhala this year. Sorry it took so long to get up, but Jason and I have been swamped with new projects and deadlines, but finally, we have re done our set and it's now ready for your downloading pleasure...

We spent about 100 hours or so before Shambs compiling the tracks we wanted to play, editing (literally every single track) for time and figuring out the fattest combos we could make using the technology around us... Jpod was on Ableton and I used Serato, together we made the most intense set that either of us have brought fourth... This is a 3 hour journey of our favorite Hip Hop, Funk, Breaks, Reggae, Drum N' Bass and Midtempo tracks all layered with acapellas and drum loops that we've collected since we started Dj'ing...

All the support we recieved this year after our set really put a huge smile on our faces... so thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts for coming out and dancing your ass' off with us... I hope this set sits in your Ipods, cars and computers for a long time.... Also, we are looking at booking shows all around Western Canada in November / December... If you'd like to see us droppin a new set in your town, put some hear under the seats of your local promoters.
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