Mar 3, 2007
"STICKY" da rave proudly presents "Girls Don't Pay" : 04 December 2010 @ La Scala

Sticky Sticky Sticky, girls don't pay. Big up Shabba for the latest installment from Sticky da rave. This rave was bubbling nice and neatly all night and La Scala was full of ravers and sexy ladies.

This Sitcky event was also the setting for the HIGH3R L3V3L music video "OUR NAME". This video was filmed during the day at La Scala and in the night at the Sticky rave. This track is big. Trust me. Big up Shabba and the HIGH3R L3V3L. The beat for the track "OUR NAME" was made by High Grade and it is a serious riddim. Big up High Grade. Also watch out for the remix by none other than the DJ SLY ! I have to shout out all of the people who featured in the music video.

The rave itself was amazing. It is Sticky after all so you all know what to expect. DJ's Kane, Spice, Modified Motion, Ruff Stuff, Chrissy Chris, Spice, Phantasy, Pleasure, Logan D, Hazard, Taxman and Nicky Blackmarket all smashed their respective sets as expected. The MC's were on top form as well. Fun, Skibadee, Det, Trigga, Eksman, Herbzie, Harry Shotta, Rhymes, Riddla, Fatman D, IC3 and IRIE were all flowing with their unique lyrical artistry. Then there was the HIGH3R L3V3L performing their huge track "OUR NAME". Big up Shabba D, Supplier, Yardie, Stormin, Swifta, Flyte (HIGH3R L3V3L). Their P.A of "OUR NAME" was tremendous. This track is big. Big up High Grade on production.

Respect to all of the ravers who made it out in the snow, proving that the weather does not stop Drum & Bass. Big up Shabba and Supplier. Till the next Sticky. Untill.


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