Sterns Reunion


A gift from punjab
Yes people it's happening at the Mill Rhythe Holiday complex on Hayling Island.

I was to young to go to the original Sterns at the house on the hill but my brother used to tell me amazing stories about that club.

Line up confirmed so far: -

Dr S Gachet, Phantasy, Simon Bassline Smitth, Kenny Ken, DJ Vibes, Top Buzz, Hector C, The Druid, Nebula 11, Waxman, Matt Handy, Robbie Long, Pete Cousins, Richie Fingers, Colin Dale, Aubrey, Spencer T, Fergus, Mace, EZ Rollers. D Rat, MC Gee, Ronnie Biggs,Pigbag.

Hopefully going to be playing: -

Mr C, Terry Francis, Colin Favour, The Rat Pack, Lenny Dee, Baby D, Altern 8, Ellis Dee, Evil Eddie Richards, Cloud 9, Rok 1, Luke Slater,Jumpin Jack Frost, Carl Cox.

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