Label Stereotype - "Secrets Inside" [T3K-EXT003]

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    Stereotype - "Secrets Inside" [T3K-EXT004]

    Stereotype is a very busy producer from Chernigov, Ukraine. He had tracks on T-Files (T-FILE-EP002: a solo tune called "Ultimate Technology" and a collab with Structural called "Xanax"), on T-FREE (T-FREE043: "Victory Or Death") and several other labels bringing out technoid DNB (like Anxiety Disorder, Subculture and Future 13). His output is also to be featured by labels such as Metafiziq, Ennex, Bully, Culture Assault, SCPTX and Black Reign LTD.

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    \\\ T3K releases ///
    T3K-EXT004: Stereotype - "Secrets Inside"
    T3K-EXT003: SFS - "Style 90" / "Smell Of Criminal" / "Blockade"
    T3K-EXT002: Forbidden Society - "Soul Annihilation"
    T3K-EXT001: Forbidden Society - "Manic Circle"
    T3K008: Shots feat. Isotop - "Hadron"
    T3K007: Isotop + Shots feat. Kaiza - "Polar"
    T3K006: kr4y - "Fringe"
    T3K005: Isotop + Shots + Kaiza feat. The Icon - "Mesoterik"
    T3K004: Shots - "Klip"
    T3K003: Shots - "Conduction"
    T3K002: Shots - "Synthetic"
    T3K001: Isotop - "Mininmalism"