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Jan 9, 2012
Hamburg, Germany, Germany

I'm new on this site so I thought I'd come in here and say hello.

I've just started a new project called StereoScopic Sounds, which I put up on soundcloud ( yesterday to test out. So, if anyone wants to give my tunes and listen and has any comments, it'd be good to hear from you.

When I started this project it was suppose to be Drum n Bass, but it's turned out to be heavily Trance and Techno influenced, so it's what I'm calling Techno-Step, or can anyone suggest a better genre title?

Speak to you soon,


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hey was thinking that i didnt like the word fantasy in your genre. what about techno-step?
sounds more "manly" than fantasy-step

thanks for the idea, but would that not just get confused with Tech-Step? which O.K is basically Technoy DnB. so i'm going to use your idea. You're not the only one to be put off by a simple word
ah yes - people here prefer new tunes to be in the New Talent Section - under the production section.
Also if you comment on other peoples tunes then they will comment on yours back.
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