Steps to start producing music for a newbie

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    Hello all, here's a little about me. I grew up playing piano, but hated it. I grew up learning Viola, hated it, but continued to play it. I love classical/string-instrument music but those instruments just didn't have the type of appeal that I got from electronic. Hands down I love this genre of music, especially DnB. Although I didn't really learn how to proficiently play my previous instruments, which I regret tremendously, I still have a setpath goal in my life to make music. Hopefully you guys can help me with this goal :zest:

    So with that said, I've read up on the internet a couple times about how to start producing your own music. To say the least, there's a bunch of stuff out there and it's overwhelming. Any advice, thread, website in particular that helped you guys when you first started?

    thanks maaaaahn
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    easy m8 and a big :welcome:
    It pretty easy to start producing. all you need is a PC a soundcard and a DAW (software like logic, fruity loops ableton, reason)
    Then just jump in.
    There is no "best software to use" its all about which one you can get into. which one you like the best.
    SO try em - most of them have demo versions - download and get stuck in.
    Youtube tutorials are the best for quickly learning how to get started in your software of choice.
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