Steppasoundz 009 OUT NOW @ Beatport !!!


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Aug 19, 2008
Steppasoundz 009 OUT NOW @ Beatport !!!

DJ Freesteppa presentz...
Steppasoundz Catalog STEP009

On this fresh release we have the UK based producers Zeal & Litta
and Brainwash with their Steppasoundz debut on Cataloge STEP009.

The track "Away" by Zeal & Brainwash is a typical Steppasoundz tune
that keeps u steppin' and dancin' all night long, no doubt!
Slowly building up with dark, atmospheric sounds, coming with a massive
bassline that sneaks in before strong and straight beats keep pushin
the dance, this one got the pressure you need on the dancefloor!
Rewinds guarenteed!!!

listen "Away"

On the flipside we have Zeal & Litta with the track "Time of Day".
A beautifull intro with breaking beats and smooth sounds that suddenly
switch into a heavyweight clubroller with airtight synth sounds and
great bassline changes. This one is for both, the raving crew as well
as the music lovin drum'n'bass heads. Enjoy this one!!!!

listen "Time of Day"


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