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    Hi guys, I'm Stephen Spykes, a Liquid D&B producer!
    I'm 19 y.o, student at the university. DJ the week end.

    I really Love the D&B style because it brings you far away the reallity, and i really love this sensation.
    I like other music genres like Progressive house or Trance.

    About yourself IRL?

    I live on a little Island lost in the Indian Ocean called: Reunion. A french territory.
    Few people there loves D&B so I want to show you my work and know if my tracks are goods or not ;)

    Who are your favourites D&B Artists?

    Well, I don't really have a "favourite" artist I think all of the Artists have their style and way of produce. Their music represent themselves. So in my case I really Love Netsky, Lightbringer, Tantrum Desire, Pendulum, Sub Focus. They are really talented.

    What do you hope about your tracks?

    I hope they are appreciated, I don't think about beeing famous or others dreams like that, I know I haven't got the talent to follow the star in the night world ^^"