Stepan - The Way of the Samurai (Multi-Genre Mix)


Nov 30, 2005
Hello everyone!

While out on the nice and warm West Coast, I have been mixing up some sweet beats for the masses. As an attempt to lure my friends who are not so much into the strict D'n'B that we all love, this mix is meant to intrigue the casual listener and please the fellow D'n'B addict at the same time.

Major thanks goes to Illeffect and the EXBC crew who have always been very helpfull in hosting my mixes.

Enjoy the mix and please provide feedback, as im always looking to spit in the face of criticism.

Track Listing:

Shpongle - Divine Moments of Truth
Fanu - Tears of the Killer
SKC - Dream Come True
Muffler - Mermaids
High Contrast - If We Ever
Calibre - Into the Groove
Rob Sparks - Wildlife
Seba & Krazy - Nebula
Klute - Property Is Theft
Atlantic Connection ft. Lynx - Danger Zone
Fanu - My Beautiful Paranoia
Martyn - Shadowcasting
Klute - Machine Gun Etiquette
Radiohead - Idioteque
Fanu - The Missing Element
Lynx - ft.. Kemo - Global One
Zero T ft. Steo - Walk Away
Seba & Krazy - Arsenic
Shpongle - Divine Moments of Truth


Nov 30, 2005
Thanks Bro.

I've been trying to work that into a mix for months and it never fit, but i think it worked really well in this one.

Im going to try to put "Where i end and you begin" by Radiohead into my next mix, since it has a really good drum pattern. The problem with Radiohead songs (for mixing) is that they change time signatures which are already complciated, like 8/5 and 12/7 signatures.....
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