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    Stepping Forward Records' 6th release (and second EP) is out now!

    STEP006 - ACTRAISER - "Platinum Rush EP"

    Available NOW at all major digital stores; beatport, digitaltunes, doamp3, trackitdown, itunes, junodownload, and, well pretty much everywhere online.

    (click image for release)

    Stepping Forward's second 4-track EP comes to the label from the UK's own ACTRAISER. Formerly a Drum n Bass genera manager @ Chemical Records and known currently in Dubstep for his immensely deep tracks - we're proud to bring the man back into the Drum n Bass world with his STUNNING "Platinum Rush EP"!

    The EPs title cut Platinum Rush is perfection. It’s steppy but moving, lush but defined and sparkling with details, amazingly bass heavy but filled with a full range of sonics not normally found in Drum n Bass's MAXIMUM VOLUME IS ALL THAT MATTERS glut of me-too tracks. And while Platinum Rush is the go to track for Dancefloor DJs, the next 3 songs are no less stunning - presenting such a mastery of Drum n Bass production it sets you in your place and forces you to learn something. Layers and layers of classic breaks perfectly edited and subdued into a mixture of synth washes, EFX and pristinely programmed percussion that wraps themselves around complex sonic patchworks of emotion and desire. There are so few standout EPs like this and ACTRAISER will be remembered for his work here for a long, LONG time to come. This a benchmark folks, consider the bar raised!

    Available NOW on Stepping Forward Records


    1. ACTRAISER - Platinum Rush
    2. ACTRAISER - Cryosleep
    3. ACTRAISER - Icarus
    4. ACTRAISER - Shattered Memories

    Keep your eyes on WWW.STEPPINGFORWARDRECORDS.COM for free tunes, show dates and release info!