Step 2 Zero - 'Gladiator/The Lick' (DSCI4)


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Mar 21, 2002
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'Gladiators/The Lick' - Step 2 Zero (DSCI4)

Oh my god, this one took me by surprise!!! After foaming at the mouth from hearing Grooverider cain this for the last month, I wasnt expecting this to be out for a while, so I was well shocked when I just came across it on Chemical on Monday afternoon. Anyway, the wait is over and it finally arrived this morning!
A-side, 'Gladiators' is one heavy tune. Hitting down with punishing beats and a melody similar to Trace's own 'Sonar', your not prepared for the extended breakdown that comes next. Fading in with the same melody, all sounds build up in pure techno flow until the drop hits you, and on a club
system, your gonna feel this! It reminds me of Rymetyme's 'Frogger' given the 2k2 treatment, backed with 'The Nine's hard beats, but thats just me!
Anyway, more importantly and the reason I bought this vinyl: the unofficial Azzizo da Bass remix 'The Lick'. Now the original of this tune really appealed to me, which is strange cos 2-step isnt really my thing, and I always thought that this would make a good dnb tune, and it certainly does!
Crisp beats lead the way here, when suddenly in creeps that waspy sound and before you know it the bass comes crashing in causing max devastation! Keeping fairly similar to the original in terms of atmosphere and attitude, the tune keeps pace all the way until the breakdown, where the wasp sounds increasing in tempo will have clubbers keeping their hands firmy in the air!
These are the first tunes Ive come across from relatively unknown duo Sta and Paul B, but if they keep putting out dancefloor smashers like this, they've got a bright future ahead of them.


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Nov 29, 2001
the lick is wiiiiiiiiiicked :slayer:

i would have my copy but i was busy sleepin when the postie came at 8:50am, doh.
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