Steeze - Slow Down [Free 320]


Macedonian Drum & Bass
Oct 22, 2010
Tetovo, Macedonia
dude ... u need to lower that vocals IMMEDIATELY ... breaks trough speakers ... second drop is ok ... but u badly need EQ on that bass ... and mix & master ... 1L - Twisted Scientist Project
p.s. if u wanna get feedback ... you need to comment also on other tunes ... or u never get feedback ... i comment your track cause u wanna make things ... u obviosly like this ... and ur fresh here .... so feedback feedback and feedback to be respected member here ;)


New Member
Apr 19, 2010
Hey man, thanks for the advice :) definitely noted what you said. Sorry about not leaving any comments at first, I didn't have any speakers with me when I posted this so I waited till I got back. Left some comments on peoples track now :) some really good stuff on here.


deep in the jungle
Oct 8, 2010
Cooden Beats
yeah, mix is a little unorganised. vocal way too loud as Mrachniot noted. mid range lead bass/synth needs more grit, the apache-esq break sounds really low quality, i think it's too distorted? a bit more width on it (the break) and bring it up in the mix. your kick snare are about the right level so focus your mix on these. i like the pan of the break with the effect layer, nice touch.
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