Static & Rregula - Circuit Breaker


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Cat. #: KIN320-005
Slated release date: Tuesday the 5th of October, 2004
Availability: web only, to preview/purchase.


Let us begin...

A deep bass drum kick and far-away cymbal crash beckon us into the ominous, echoey grained-tech-style pads on the intro. Initially it makes me think very much of
a gothic, brooding setting, conjures up some great mental images to me. Looking forward to hearing how this track pans out.

As the LFO-filtered drum beat slowly slides its way into your psyche, it layers up almost indistinguishably throughout the first minute and a half, slowly adding
pace and intention to the track. Phasing synth fifths offer highlighting incidentals and thicken the texture up nice and juicily.

I just know this is just a teaser, a sample of some of the more evil, grunged-out synth setups they got going... It makes me wanna hear more, damnit...

The intro's not rushed to, the impetus is built up throughout the introduction - something which I appreciate, I hate 40 seconds and then a drop. You can really
enjoy this track, definitely makes a nice introduction. Of course, at the breakdown, the token sample - but it's a well-chosen one, not overused, and the fact
that you can't quite hear what's being said gives it an extra aura of mystery as you try to figure out what they're saying :)

Gathering pace after we begin to hear it, the lead synth winds up towards the break, emphasising the tonic, then the drop is upon us - and off it swoops after a
brief tease into 12/8 and back again to 4/4 with the drumfill, surprising our expectations (mine at least) once more. As the piece progresses, we hear the
emergence of a verbed chamber-style-vocal aah pad on top, and almost simultaneously the initial pads begin to make another appearance, some nice gloopy,
well-harmonised chords for our ears to sink their teeth into, while managing to stay sounding hollowish by not overusing the harmonic notes, bare fifth chords
only here please (and it works with the synths they're using).

Towards the breakdown and second drop, the drums fade out, leaving us with an unusual, but well-accented, hat pattern, reminding us that the track ain't
quite done toying with us yet, and as the familiar elements begin to re-emerge, the pace of the track's increased by the increasing comp[lexity of the drum
patterns, bringing us back to the focal point of the track for the last couple of minutes. The second drop's in the same vein as the first, but it keeps us
waiting for just that little bit longer - it's got that one last little surprise left for us.

After the second drop, the lead synth's melody line is similar to previously, but with some extra octave-jumping variations to keep you interested (and some
incidental sharps to punctuate the variation melody line). The way that the various different synths are blended together to accentuate each other, and to create
a much larger mental soundscape, impressed me. Some well-placed reverbed synths and effects help to guide us through the sequences and offer some more occasional

The track slowly breaks down to its core elements as it reaches the end, giving the DJ either lots of time to outro or to mix and blend, some good opportunities
for playing about with the EQ to get that sweet crossover mix. Gradually all the elements make themselves scarce for the last time, and the end is nigh (shame) -
but this is one track that I wouldn't hesitate to drop into a mix to change the style up a bit.

This number's a dark, moody little thing, with plenty of potential to be an intro, mid-mix or outro - it has good features all over, with enough variation on the
central theme to satisfy most people who like this kind of style. While it's not overly-violent in its approach towards the listener, the track definitely has a
mood about it, with good use of technical aspects and overall is nicely-mastered, which is always a plus. The drums are one thing I especially like - the kick has
presence but isn't overly powerful, the snare has that kind of gritty, muted snap to it which really lets the melodic rhythm come through while retaining the pace
of the piece. Hats are tight too, not too trebley, and almost sound semi-grained, a lofi kinda sound. I like it.
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