dj ekim

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Alright guys here it is! The Analog Junglist is up and going finally ready to join.

There are membership rates from a single month to a full year so you can try the service and see what this is all about. Im not trying to make it to where you have to commit $300 at a time to the pool. Things are tight, i understand.

"Ekim, what do i get when i join the Analog Junglist?"

As a member you will recieve a MINIMUM of 5 vinyl every month as well as random gifts that any junglist would love to have. i am going to do my best to make sure that every dj that joins my service will be well taken care of.

"What if i live outside of the United States and want to join?"

ill just need your full address and ill find out what the difference in shipping will be and ill just add it on the top. I will only be charging the difference in shipping costs and no more.

"What labels are you purchasing your vinyls from?"

So far i have Celestial Conspiracy, Toxemia Records, Sweet Sensi, and Hum Drums Recordings with many more in the works. That doesnt mean that those are the only labels that you will receive by any means! I have vinyl from labels such as N2O, 720deg, and Renegade Hardware just to name a few. All types of jungle are represented in this pool.

If you have any questions feel free to either ask here or email me at